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Saara Laine from Turku's enthusiasm for volunteering started from her interest in sports. "As a volunteer, you can see behind the scenes and events from a close distance," he explains his participation. Photo from Lofoten from Laine's own archive.


"If only you could photograph Öberg and Bø's siblings!" Saara Laine from Turku is one of the hundreds from Talkou at the opening of the World Cup

Biathlon World Cup brings more than 500 athletes, guardians and coaches to Finland. A group of the same size from Talkoo makes an event.

The recruitment of the people of Talkoo for the opening of the Biathlon World Cup season is at its hottest. The event organized in Kontiolahti between November and December offers tasks for hundreds of people from Talko.

Saara Laine from Turku takes responsibility for social media content production.

"I have watched the games on TV every year. However, as a volunteer, you get to see behind the scenes and events from a close distance - could it be better?" says Laine, who studies marketing and communication at the University of Turku.

Lainea already has experience in volunteer work at sports events from the Finland-Sweden national track and field match. As an exchange student in Norway, he was able to watch the Biathlon World Cup on site at Holmenkollen.

"I'm looking forward to the Finns competing in front of the home crowd, because the crowd's encouragement for their own is truly magical."

Surprise twists are addictive

Laine's enthusiasm for volunteering started from her interest in sports. He has practiced all kinds of sports - but not biathlon. However, the sport has hooked him as a bench athlete.

"A wonderful sport. Anything can happen, and nothing is certain until the finish line is crossed. There is no competition without exciting twists and turns, and that's why biathlon certainly fascinates," Laine reflects.

Lainea, who goes around the event arena with her camera, has the same wish as the audience: to see the world's top stars as close as possible.

"My favorites are the Öberg and sisters. If you could photograph them - there is something special about them!"

Everything to do

The Kontiolahti Sportsmen's Association, which has organized the biathlon world cup since 1990, has less than 250 members, but large events are also organized with the help of people from outside the club.

"Since 2007, more than 35,000 competition performances have been timed at the stadium. Without the people from Talkoa, this would not be possible, and working together is a great strength of our group," says volunteer coordinator Tiina Savolainen.

One of the best features of the tasks in Talkola is that all volunteers are welcome, even without previous experience.

"You don't need to know how to speak ten languages or know the rules of biathlon. Tasks are introduced, and no one is left alone. We have not yet come across a situation where there was nothing for the volunteers to do."

Info: Biathlon World Cup in Kontiolahti 29.11.-4.12.2022: Tasks from Talkoo

  • Duties of the shooting bench

  • Anti-doping duties

  • First aid tasks

  • Organization control

  • Competition area construction and demolition tasks

  • Access control

  • Transport tasks

  • Ticket sales

  • Mascot quests

  • Tasks of the track team

  • Restaurant services

  • Prizes tasks

  • Communication content production