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Outdoor skiing season starts - ticket prices drop in Kontiolahti and 8-year-olds and younger ski for free

Thursday 14.10. a record season is expected for the newly opened Kontiolahti first snow track with cheaper tickets than before.

The skiing season on Kontiolahti's first snow slope opens on Thursday, October 14 at 9:00 a.m. The CEO of Kontiolahti Outdoor, which is responsible for snowmaking services, Kimmo Turunen predicts a record season.

"The past winters have already been a clear time of growth. Last fall, Corona increased interest in outdoor sports, and the poor condition of the natural snow pistes directed people to the first snow pistes."

All day skiing with the same ticket

Turunen estimates that the number of skiers last fall increased ten percent compared to the previous fall. For this season, he expects further growth.

"We are changing the ticket pricing so that the previous two-hour one-time ticket now becomes a day ticket. At the same time, the ticket price drops from 17 euros to 15 euros. The change clarifies the pricing and hopefully encourages people to go to the track."

A day ticket costs 10 euros for pensioners, students and 9-17 year olds. 8-year-olds and younger ski for free.

"With this pricing, we want to lower the threshold for families with children to come skiing already in the first snow season," says Turunen.

Weekend lunch, creams and sticks in Napakympti

Skiers buy their tickets at Kahvila-Ravintola Napakympi next to the piste. In addition to cafe services, customers can find a weekend lunch at Napakympi, as well as a point of sale for Rex lotions and Leki wands.

"After the corona restrictions are lifted, we can offer fish or chicken soup on Saturdays and Sundays, which gives additional options for weekend meals for families and other commuters."

INFO: First snow trail in Kontiolahti

  • Opens on Thursday 14.10. at 9:00 a.m. The length of the track upon opening is 1.5 km. The track will be extended in October-November depending on the weather: see the schedule of planned extensions in the pictures below.
  • A layer of about 70 centimeters of snow that was shoveled the previous winter and stored under sawdust over the summer is spread on the track groove.
  • Extends the ski season by an average of 80 days each year.
  • During the fall, the track modified by warm weather or rainfall can be patched with stored snow as needed. New snow is allowed to fall when the temperature turns to freezing.
  • Day ticket prices: See the pictures below.