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The event routes mainly run on fast Kontionpolut network trails in Kontiolahti. Photos: Elina Laukkanen (mtb), Ilona Mikkonen (running).


Jaama Run and Jaama MTB 11.-12.6. package cycling, families and trail running

In addition to the adult and youth series, this year there are also free Mini-Jaama starts for children, both running and cycling. Cyclists have a super weekend together with the Tour de Karelianpolut event.

The Jaama MTB and Jaama Run events organized on the Kontionpolku route on the second weekend of June (June 11-12) invite children, young people and adults to get moving again this year.

“A few years ago, we set out to make the event even more of an event that moves families. Corona brought a break of a couple of years, but now we will continue again without restrictions", says Kimmo Turunen, CEO of Kontiolahti Outdoor, which organizes the event.

During the weekend, we will also celebrate the Kontionpolut route built by the municipality of Kontiolahti, which will be five years since its opening on June 10, 2022.

Alternatives for weekend outdoor activities

In Saturday's Jaama Run event, you can participate in distances of 5, 12 and 24 kilometers.

The distances in Sunday's Jaama MTB are 24, 46 and 68 kilometers.

In addition to adult series, there are series for under 15s.

On both days, the program also includes a kilometer-long Mini-Jamaa aimed at children, free of charge, running on Saturday and cycling on Sunday.

"We have tried to create alternatives for competitors, fitness enthusiasts as well as those who need a little oxygen jump. All the children of Mini-Jaama will be rewarded with a medal at the finish line," says Turunen.

The event center offers free activity trials in basket climbing and eco-gun shooting. There are also guided outdoor jumps and bouncy castle rides for children.

Are you the king, queen or Karelian Kovin?

During the weekend there will be some exceptional titles.

"In the women's and men's categories, those who collect the most ranking points by participating in both the 20-kilometer run on Saturday and the 68-kilometer bike ride on Sunday will be awarded as the royals of Jamaica," says Turunen.

Another special feature is the Karelian Kovin combined competition aimed at cyclists together with the Tour de Karelianpolut event with.

Tour de Karelianpolut event on Saturday and the 68 kilometer distance of the Jaama MTB event on Sunday will be scored. The woman and man who have collected the most points will be awarded Karelia's Toughest", says Turunen.

Info: Jaama Run 11.6.2021

  • The routes on Kontionpolu are suitable for experimenters and the more experienced
  • Route lengths: 1 km (for children, free of charge) 5 km, 12 km, 24 km
  • On routes 5 and 12 km also age group N/M15
  • Event Pages

Info: Jaama MTB 12.6.2022

  • The routes on Kontionpolu are suitable for experimenters and the more experienced
  • Route lengths: 1 km (for children, free of charge), 24 km, 46 km, 68 km
  • On routes 24 and 46 km also age category N/M15
  • E-bike option in all series (no prizes)
  • Event Pages

Program in the event center (Kontiolahti Biathlon Stadium)

  • Bouncy castle for children (free of charge)
  • Eco-gun shooting (free of charge)
  • Basket climbing (free of charge)
  • Guided outdoor exercise (free of charge)
  • Guided bike tour
  • Dining option in the restaurant: Broiler pasta dish, salad table, water/juice, coffee/tea 12 €/adult, 6 €/12 years and younger.