Mika Okkonen as development manager of Kontiolahti Outdoor

Mika Okkonen, a program service expert and developer of nature sports services, has been appointed as Kontiolahti Outdoor's development manager.

Mika Okkonen from Joensuu is particularly known for his merits as a developer of program services and events connected to outdoor activities. The events Vaarogen Marathon, Vaarogen MTB and the Arctic Ice Road Run have been born as Okkonen's idea.

─ Securing cross-country and biathlon opportunities is our main product, but we want to develop year-round and more versatile activity services more than before, for example for business groups. We could hardly have found a more suitable person for this development work, says the CEO of Kontiolahti Outdoor Kimmo Turunen.

Events as a focus

Turunen says that in addition to the development of activity services, the development of events is also essential for Kontiolahti Outdoor.

─ The biathlon stadium can be rented for events other than skiing and biathlon. The positive news for us is that awareness of this has recently increased. At the moment, for example, it has been agreed that the stadium will be the event center for the Kontiolahti Rally, the Karelian Desert Fair and the international Suvi-Karelia dog show.

The CEO looks to the time after the strictest corona restrictions, when public events are allowed again.

─ In sports events, the outdoor and indoor spaces around the stadium have been used by approximately 10,000 people per day at the most. The area's infrastructure is also suitable for large events, says Turunen.