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Super summer in North Karelia mountain biking

Joensuu Pyöräilijät ry, Kontiolahti Outdoor, Liperi municipality, Tour de Karelianpolut project and Koli Landscape Cycling joint release 12 May 2021

With events and new route investments, North Karelia offers mountain bikers more than ever before.

The summer of events starts with Jaama MTB, which is organized for the first time. In just one week, the Tour de Karelian paths will be trodden.

At the beginning of July, Finland's best enduro riders gather in Mustavaara to compete in the Funduro Cup. The summer of events ends in August with Koli Landscape Cycling. For competitive drivers, there is also the IPV Cup organized by the Joensuu Pyöräilijät ry, which runs throughout the summer.

In addition to these different events, as an extension of the already famous Karelian trails, Kontion trails and Jaama Trail, the Liperi Kinttupolut trail and the Pärnä Bike Park will be completed at the end of May for the joy of mountain bikers. As a result of the investments, Finland's largest, uniformly guided route, specially designed for the needs of mountain bikers, will be created in North Karelia, within a radius of 25 km from Joensuu.

Jaama MTB 5.6.2021 (click on the title more information)
The routes (24 km/46 km/68 km) of the event organized by Kontiolahti Outdoor for the first time on the Kontionpolut trail network are suitable for both experienced riders and those considering their first mountain bike event. The number of participants will be limited to 50 people per series, depending on the situation at the beginning of May. The three fastest in each series are rewarded, but most of the participants are on the move in ways other than the spirit of competition.

Tour de Karelianpolut 12.6.2021 (click on the title more information)
On the Karelian paths of Rääkkylä, Kitee and Tohmajärvi, a stage race based on pursuit is run in a unique way in Finland, where the results are only clear at the finish line of the last race. So fun, events and a good amount of excitement are available for the whole day. The public can follow the competition in the field or through a live broadcast carried out as a multi-camera production. The competition is organized by the municipalities of Central Karelia with the help of the joint Tour de Karelianpolut -Leader project.

Funduro cup, Mustavaara 4 July 2021 (click on the title for more information)
Mustavaara, located in Kontiolahti, is taking part in the Funduro Cup for the first time. The power team of Joensuu Pyöräilijät ry has conjured up a first-class enduro track on the hill. So come to North Karelia to enjoy the new trails on the first weekend of July.

Kolin Landscape Cycling 21.8.2021
In Koli's Landscape Cycling, you can enjoy great dangerous landscapes and varied terrain with a relaxed atmosphere, but without a number plate or timing. You can come alone or with a group of friends, or even with the whole family. You can freely choose a route between 12 and 36 km, and you can adjust the level of difficulty to suit your own preferences. The route will be announced during June, and it will be planned together with the landowners mainly based on the already existing network. Kolin Ipatti ry is in charge of organizing the event in cooperation with Vanhan Koulu Majatalo and Seikkailuhtiö Vaara.

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The mountain biking IPV-Cup, organized by the Joensuu Pyöräilijät ry, will start on June 16. At the Utranharju competition. In July and August, the Kontiolahti and Lykynlammi terrains are contested. The IPV-Cup culminates on September 8. For the competition in Pärnävaara that utilizes the new route of Kinttupolku. There are series for enthusiasts of all ages and levels, and the best are rewarded at the end of the season.

Kinttupolut (click on the title for more information)
In May, a well-guided 65km route consisting of seven ring routes will be completed in Liperi, which connects to the Kontion trails via the Jaama Trail. In this way, within a radius of 25 km from Joensuu, the largest route in all of Finland that is guided in a uniform way and is especially designed for the needs of mountain bikers. Kinttupolku is implemented and maintained by the municipality of Liperi and the implementation has been made possible by a project grant granted by Leader of the Joensuu region.

Pärnä Bike Park (click on the title for more information)
In May, Liperi's Pärnävaara bike park will be completed as part of Liperi municipality's Kinttupolkujen, consisting of four different and very high-quality downhill trails. The routes have attracted great interest nationwide already during the construction phase. Pärnä Bike Park is implemented and maintained by Liperi municipality in cooperation with Joensuu Pyöräilijät ry. The implementation has been made possible by a project grant granted by Leader of the Joensuu region.

"Pärnä Bike Park serves as a major hub for sport-specific cycling venues in North Karelia", says the chairman of Joensuu Pyöräilijöt Sami Tiainen.

Although mountain biking as a sport has grown significantly and North Karelia's marked mountain biking trails are unparalleled, downhill-focused trails are a welcome addition to the local selection. Pärnä Bike Park makes it possible better than before for those who are just starting to cycle, as well as long-time crank cyclists, to practice on routes made just for the sport, where the difficulty and safety of the routes are taken into account, taking into account the perspectives of different users.

Photo: Studio Korento/Harri Mäenpää

More information:
Jaama MTB: Mika Okkonen/Kontiolahti Outdoor,, 050 3756733
Tour de Karelianpolut: Vesa Turkey,, 040 8019850 / 050 5353867
Funduro Cup, Mustavaara: Joona Tanskanen/Joensuun Cyclists Association,, 045 846 5350
Kolin Landscape Cycling: Kimmo Kiviluoto/Vanhan koulon Majatalo,, 050 5201399
Kinttupolut: Vesa Turkia,, 050 5353867
Pärnä Bike Park: Vesa Turkia,, 050 5353867 and Sami Korhonen/Joensuun Cyclist Association,, 050 520 7606
IPV-cup: Sami Tiainen/Joensuun Pyöräilijät ry,, 044 259 8420