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Nelosa after Midsummer: Sami Kuronen's taste trip to North Karelia and Kontiolahti

Hosted by Sami Kuronen, one of Finland's most famous TV and radio personalities, the program about the tourist destinations and tastes of North Karelia will be filmed in May at the Kontiolahti Biathlon Stadium.

Sami Kuronen, one of Finland's best-known TV and radio presenters, gets to know the tourist destinations and flavors of North Karelia in the new television program "Sami Kuronen's taste tour in North Karelia".

The six half-hour episodes filmed in different parts of North Karelia will be shown on Nelose and Ruudu after Midsummer.

"This is a wonderful opportunity for the entire province to show the gems of tourism and, above all, the interesting stories of entrepreneurs and tourist destinations at the edge of the Karelian taste world," says Anne Kokkonen, marketing coordinator of North Karelia's tourism destination organization VisitKarelia.

In May in Kontiolahti

The contents of the TV series will be filmed in May in cooperation with more than 20 North Karelian companies. Kontiolahti Outdoor is one of the companies.

“The program idea is absolutely top notch. Sami is a sporty guy, so the starting points couldn't be better when the cameras here at the biathlon stadium start. Welcome to Sam and the entire film crew!” welcomes Kontiolahti Outdoor CEO Kimmo Turunen.