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The first season tickets for next winter's tracks have already been sold - changes to the prices of single tickets

Kontiolahti Outdoor's announcement on 14 May 2021

The skiing season at the Kontiolahti Biathlon Stadium, which reached the middle of May, was again a record. The long season and the weak snow conditions at the beginning of the season in a large part of Finland increased the number of skiers. In the season starting in mid-October, the prices of single tickets will change.

Kimmo Turunen, the CEO of Kontiolahti Outdoor, which is responsible for snowing the slopes at the Kontiolahti biathlon stadium, says that the season that ended brought more skiers than before.

"We already had a record winter in the 2019-20 season. Now there was even more skiing on the piste."

Kontiolahti municipal residents' free shifts increased by ten percent compared to the previous winter.

"We estimate that the total number of skiing performances, taking into account all skiers, also increased in the same proportion", says Turunen.

Good snow conditions extended the season

In the background of the growth, Turunen sees the early season's weak snow situation in other parts of the country, the long season and the citizens' increased interest in outdoor sports.

"During January, the snow situation improved all over the country, and we finally got a good snowy winter in Finland in terms of natural snow as well. People got excited about ski shops and went to the slopes more enthusiastically, partly also because of the indoor exercise restrictions brought by the corona."

The winter weather was also favorable for preparations for the next season. Kontiolahti Outdoor packed 60,000 cubic meters of snow into summer storage for next season's slopes. The number is 20 percent higher than the year before.

"Our skiing season starts again in mid-October. Like the season that ended, at the beginning of the next season we will organize skiing events, the biggest of which is the opening of the Biathlon World Cup at the end of November," says Turunen.

Cheaper single ticket, 0-8 years old free

The first season tickets for the 2021-22 season for the ski slopes have already been sold. Season tickets are priced according to the time of purchase.

"The season ticket is cheapest now in May, and the prices always rise at the end of the month until the turn of September and October," says Turunen.

Next year will bring changes to the pricing of single tickets. When the one-time ticket was previously valid for two hours and cost 17 euros, next season it costs 15 euros and is valid for the whole day.

"This will simplify pricing and hopefully inspire citizens to go to the track even better", says Turunen.

The second change concerns ticket prices for 0-8 year olds.

“Children aged eight and younger will ski for free next season. The decision is based on our hope to lower the threshold for families with children to come skiing already at the beginning of the season."

Info: Kontiolahti first snow slope

  • The track will be opened on 14 October 2021, when its length will be 1.5 km. Additional tracks are opened in October-November, when the length of the tracks is 3-4 km. If natural snow permits, several race tracks 2-7.5 km and easy 10-20 km training tracks.
  • Versatile track profile, options for both fitness and competitive skiers.
  • Slopes 89-129 m above sea level.
  • After the opening of the season, the tracks are available every day, except for maintenance times and the time of events.
  • The shooting range fee is included in the season ticket price.
  • See season ticket prices for the 2021-22 season and buy a season ticket
  • Watch the Kontiolahti first snow slope video