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Sonja Mäkeläinen has watched the performances of the world's top athletes from an exceptionally close range.


Sonja Mäkeläinen from Talkoo during the World Cup: "I've really liked it"

Sonja Mäkeläinen first looked for tickets to the World Cup event online, but ended up being from Talkou and watching the games closer than she thought.

What can happen when you go online to buy tickets to a World Cup event!

In autumn 2020, Sonja Mäkeläinen, who is studying in Joensuu, searched for information about admission tickets on the World Cup website, but she clicked on the website's help section. From there, the road eventually led all the way to Talkoola to the shooting range of the event, to the best places.

Before the World Cup in March 2022, Mäkeläinen has participated in four events as a native of Talca.

“I've loved it so much! The talk team is top notch, and working on the bench has its own, maybe even slightly electric atmosphere during the race."

Information about statistics and TV

Neither Mäkeläinen nor his circle of friends knew that it was possible to participate in the Games as a person from Talko. Or that we really need a lot of people from Talkoo.

"Family and friends have been amazed and supportive. They think this sounds really great."

Mäkeläinen's job is to convey information about shooting to statistics and television viewers.

“My main task has been to monitor the shooting positions and key in the arrival, number and departure of the race time. In addition, I have helped in changing the alignment boards."

For collectors of new experiences

Mäkeläinen remembers his grandfather eagerly watching winter sports on TV. He himself was most enthusiastic about biathlon. What is fascinating is, above all, the surprising nature of the sport.

"I have been particularly passionate about biathlon for five years."

He recommends working together if you are interested in working together and gaining new experiences. You don't have to be a sports freak.

“There is no need to have previous experience. For everything, I have received good instructions and help from other Talko residents."

Although Mäkeläinen's tasks have always been on the shooting range, he has seen the spectrum of tasks in Talkola.

“Workers are needed from the shooting range and weapons inspection to sausage frying and ticket sales. There is sure to be the best and most pleasant job for everyone."