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Hot season for renting mountain bikes / New outdoor activities for groups

The increased popularity of mountain biking has shown itself in the summer as a clear spike in demand for rental bikes. Kontiolahti Outdoor feeds the nature exercise boom with new activities aimed at groups when it opens archery and climbing activity points during August.

Summer 2021 will also go down in history as a hot summer for mountain biking, says Kontiolahti Outdoor's development manager Mika Okkonen.

—Now has clearly been the busiest summer in our history. Bicycles were rented daily, especially in July. Since this summer, we have also had electric bikes and children's bikes in our selection — the supply has increased the demand, says Okkonen.

Okkonen estimates that renting as a method of operation has become more familiar among citizens.

—Rental bikes are available even in rural areas and in holiday resorts, clearly better than a couple of years ago. For example, you don't need to buy your own mountain bike right away, when you can try it out with a rental bike. The phenomenon was already seen last winter with sliding snowshoes and snowshoes.

August brings new things to groups

New outdoor exercise opportunities, especially for groups, will be opened in August, when Kontiolahti Outdoor's investments in archery and climbing activity points will be put into use. Earthmoving work was done in early summer.

—We have built a low ropes course consisting of 11 different courses, as well as practice areas for archery and basket climbing. Guided activities are aimed, for example, at stag parties and corporate and other groups.

Sports that are suitable for different age groups and that are less often offered in the surrounding area were selected as new activities.

—Climbing activities are a particularly popular activity in the field of experiential pedagogy. The participants are offered challenges of a suitable size, to solve which the core role is the mutually supportive cooperation of the group members, says Okkonen.


Photo: Sisu-Seikkailu 2021 / Marko Tuovinen

Info: New at Kontiolahti Outdoor: Archery, basket climbing and lower ropes course


  • Traditional sport suitable for different age groups from young to old
  • The two-hour guided archery program includes choosing a bow of suitable stiffness, a practice round and the actual shooting at targets.
  • Minimum group size: 6 people
  • See more on the product card (page 9).

Basket climbing

  • An activity offering fun experiences that requires balance and calmness.
  • The climber, with the help of other members of the group, stacks the baskets on top of each other, climbs on top of the baskets they have stacked and thus progresses higher and higher. The goal is to build the highest possible tower. A sport suitable for people with normal fitness does not require so much physical strength, but rather a bit of courage and, above all, teamwork.
  • Minimum group size: 6 people
  • See more about the product card (page 10).

Low cable car (low ropes course)

  • Close to the ground, between the trees, a cable car built at a height of about 50 cm, consisting of 11 different tasks. There is a wire between the trees along which the participants walk. The trees also have an auxiliary rope and other different tools that the participants can use.
  • The group solves and completes the tasks by planning, experimenting and helping each other. Completing it requires cooperation from the group, encouraging and supporting each other, as well as a little individual courage and willingness to experiment.
  • Minimum group size: 6 people
  • See more about the product card (page 11).