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In addition to the World Cup, Nelly and Nalle are also participating in the first snow family day.


Ensilume's family day offers free activities from pedal cars to slingshot shooting

In the raffle, the prize is a gift card package worth more than 1700 euros for local services. The World Cup mascots Nelly and Nalle are also going along!

For the second time, at the activity points of the first snow family day organized at the Kontiolahti biathlon stadium, you can try slingshot shooting, squatting, eco-gun shooting, making snowmen, skipping rope, and even bike riding for free.

Next to the snowman point there is a pile of snow, which is suitable for toddlers to go downhill. At the fire place, families can fry their own snacks or buy sausage and marshmallows from the stadium cafe.

The organizers want to encourage families to go outside in autumn as well, says Kontiolahti Outdoor CEO Kimmo Turunen.

"A year ago, we tested family day for the first time. The experiences were encouraging, and now we are building the day into an annual tradition," says Turunen.

Activities for free

The biggest change from last year is that now the activity points built for the family day are available to all participants without age limits.

—We are waiving the paid wristband for people over the age of 12, and we are hoping for more participants than last year. The Ensilumenlatu, the changing facilities and the equipment rental office, for example, for cyclists, operate as normal on a family day, Turunen says.

Raffle prize of more than 1700 euros

Turunen is especially happy about the activity of local partners.

Those interested in skiing can test cross-country skiing equipment at the Suksiproffa point. Family Day also marks the first appearance of Ropee skipping ropes, which are made by hand in North Karelia, at the Kontiolahti Biathlon Stadium.

"About twenty local operators are doing the event, either at their own service points or through raffle gift cards and other prizes," says Turunen.

A prize worth more than 1,700 euros will be drawn among the participants of the event, consisting of services and products from local operators. The organizer of the event pays the lottery tax for the prize.

"The idea was really well received by companies, and the prize is therefore very versatile. There are gift cards for everything from laundry services to gyms, massages or events."

(See below the services, products and operators included in the raffle prize - if you want to become a partner, e.g. with your own gift card for your company's services, contact us at 0400-350900.)      

Info: Ensilume family day

Time: Saturday 29 October 2022 from 10 am to 2 pm
Place: Kontiolahti Biathlon Stadium, Napakympintie 24
Free activities/show points: 

  • Snow building from cannon snow. You can build and shape snowmen or other figures from last winter's snow. Recommendation: you can bring your own tools!
  • Keppihevosrata - horses can be borrowed, you can also bring your own!
  • Slingshot Shooting
  • Eco-gun shooting with a powder-free Ecoaims gun
  • Squat
  • Trucks
  • Slide for toddlers
  • At
  • Suksiproffa's presentation and sales point, Peltonen's new fur coats, Rex's creams and Leki's poles. You can test skis on the piste when you buy a piste ticket.
  • Ropee jump ropes presentation and sales point


  • From 11 am to 2 pm Kahvio-Ravintola in Napakympi for lunch, nakki soup + salad table (also a vegetarian option). Lunch for 0-3 year olds €0, for 8-year-olds and older €8, and for 4-7-year-olds €0 per age year.
  • Fireplace where you can roast your own snacks or marshmallows and sausages bought from Kahvio-Ravintola Napakympi.
  • The Nelly and Nalle mascots known from the Biathlon World Cup are in the area to the delight of children and parents.
  • Ensilumenlatu and valinevuokraamo open as usual.
  • Services for leisure and other groups on family day on break - active again on Monday 31.10. from

A prize pool of over 1700 euros in the raffle!

  • The draw is open to all guests participating in the family day on site
  • One right to participate in the raffle per person
  • One winner gets the entire pot. The organizer pays the lottery tax on the prize. The winner can still give gift cards or prizes, for example, as a Christmas present.
  • The prize includes
    • Biathlon World Cup 29.11.-4.12.2022: The prize includes 2 x adult admission ticket to stand A on any day of your choice from Tuesday to Thursday (€60).
    • Joensuu-based askellusklinikka Oy, which focuses especially on the treatment and rehabilitation of lower extremity problems and post-surgery physiotherapy: The award includes a high-speed camera and a specially made for testing running technique analysis on a treadmill (€149).
    • A fitness center Forever Joensuu, which also offers massage, physiotherapy services and individual training: The prize includes a monthly card (gym + group exercise, €85), 2 x 0.5-hour gift card for Neurosonic treatments (€70 in total) and a gift card for a 0.5-hour physical training demonstration (€35).
    • €).
    • Kolin Kolo, two-room apartment with sauna next to Kol National Park: The prize includes an accommodation gift card (€300).
    • From Joensuu, manufacturer of ecological gifts Kolo Design: The prize includes a gift card to the online store (€50).
    • Kontiolahti municipality: The prize includes a 10-time ticket package for the gym (€40).
    • Kontiolahti Outdoor: The prize includes a gift card for renting mountain bikes, cross-country equipment, snowshoes, snowshoes or other equipment (€50) and a one-hour Family Gift Card (2 adults + children) shooting for the ski stadium's adventurous low ropes course (€60).
    • Trained masseuse and sports masseuse Anssi Liimatta: The prize includes a gift card for a 60-minute massage (€45 ) in Joensuu.
    • Kupilka, which manufactures ecological dishes, knives and utensils in Pyytivaara in North Karelia from its own Kareline® natural fiber composite: The prize includes a gift card (50 €) durable, machine-washable and easy-to-transport products to the online store!
    • From Joensuu, Mikon Pomppulinnat, which rents out bouncy castles and more than ten other different activities for children and adults: The prize includes a gift card (€50).
    • Mustavaara skiing center: The gift card included in the prize (€100) can be used during the winter of 2023 for skiing lessons, lift tickets or equipment rentals.
    • Puhdas Ilo, which offers home cleaning, home help, home cleaning, business and laundry services in the Joensuu region: The prize includes gift cards < a href="" target="_blank">to laundry services (2 x €100).
    • Liperian, specialist online store for domestic and handmade jump ropes Ropee: The prize includes a gift card verkkokauppa (€50).
    • Eno and Kontiolahti's impartial local newspaper Pielisjokiseutu: The prize includes a gift card for a 2-month subscription (€26).
    • Joensuu ski shop Suksiprofa: The prize includes a gift card for services (€50).
    • The Vaarogen Maraton running in Koli in October: The prize includes the right to participate in the fall 2023 event for one person (€95).