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In goal! Joni Mustonen (left), Kimmo Turunen and Sami Kuronen were all smiles despite the stress of climbing the wall.


"This day was the only one that was exciting" - Sami Kuronen halfway through his taste journey

Sami Kuronen and Joni Mustonen found out the place of the cabinet in a tingling struggle.

One of Finland's most famous TV and radio presenters, Sami Kuronen and his filming team took a look at Kontiolahti's climbing wall and biathlon stadium today, when the filming of the series "Sami Kuronen's taste tour in North Karelia" came halfway.

“This day was the only one that made me a little nervous beforehand when I heard that the sport was shooting cycling. The combination of two slightly unfamiliar sports and the competitive situation was a little tense beforehand," Kuronen said.

Kuronen took on Kontiolahti Athletes biathlon skier Joni Mustonen on the asphalt track and shooting range. The race was decided once and for all in the shooting.

"It was a super interesting day. Shooting is incredibly addictive, and I dare say that this will not be the last time," says Kuronen.

To the landscapes of childhood

Kuronen was born in Varsinais-Suomi, but his parents are from Haukivaara in Ilomantsi. With this, Kuronen spent his childhood summers in North Karelia.

"Now let's update those memories and explore through the program how much things have changed over the decades."

Filming began in Central Karelia and the Joensuu region. The film crew's journey continues via Nurme to Koli and Ilomantsi.

"I would dare to say that after this North Karelia will be pretty well under control."