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“Wow! A great Together! day. There is no room for reproach anywhere", was one feedback from Palkei's long-awaited personnel day.


"The day succeeded beyond our expectations" - Tyhy operations in full swing after corona

The idle days that have long been frowned upon by work communities and longed for by many are underway again.

—Yes, it can be felt that working communities have longed for fun things to do together. Things fly and the atmosphere is relaxed, says Mika Okkonen of Kontiolahti Outdoor, which organizes idle days around North Karelia with an emphasis on exercise and outdoor activities.

In recent days, Okkonen has gone above and beyond to guide customers in kayaking, archery and mountain biking. In addition to off-road driving, the man spends time in the kitchen or by the outdoor fire preparing meals.

—Relaxed and fun exercise, good company and warm food, Okkonen outlines the wishes of most tyhy groups as the day's program.

Kontiolahti Outdoor, one of the largest providers of outdoor sports activities in Eastern Finland, anticipated the end of the corona period already a year ago and invested in new activities, such as the low training course that tests teamwork skills in a fun way.

—There are very diverse personalities in work communities. That's why there must also be a wide range of activities, says Okkonen.

Giraffes and bears in the center of Joensuu

The state financial and personnel administration service center Palkeet gathered in May for personnel day for the first time since 2015.

Approximately 650 financial and personnel management professionals work at Palkei in five different offices around the country.

—We had planned to meet already in 2020 and celebrate our ten years of heaven. The much-awaited meeting has now taken place, a couple of years later, says Minna Korpela, head of the financial services unit.

The group of about 500 people gathered in the center of Joensuu started their joint program with a park run. The group dispersed into small groups moving on foot and went around the check points on the banks of the Pielisjoki.

For example, the groups played squats and built statues of themselves that resembled bears, giraffes or other wild animals.

Korpela emphasizes that personal meetings between colleagues played a big role in addition to the official program.

—The day succeeded beyond our expectations, and the feedback was very positive. The organization was worth it. Many rumors, stories and smiles were exchanged during the day. The chosen theme is "together!" was realized perfectly, and the positive atmosphere now carries forward in everyday life.

He admits that the arrangements were also stressful.

—The planning started a year earlier. The movement and transitions of almost five hundred people require precise planning and organization. The professionals' contribution to the success of the day was very significant.

Empty in small groups

Tyhy operations did not stop completely even during the corona period.

In North Karelia, for the provincial Siu sote municipal association and the city of Joensuu, Polkka produces meals, facility maintenance and cleaning services for more than 500 people oy found a solution to the need for empty days by stretching the calendar and reducing the groups.

—We thought that the teams could do something nice together in groups of 5-10 people, says personnel planner Henna Hukkanen.

In the end, the solution was simple.

Employees gathered in small groups and on the days they chose at the Kontiolahti Biathlon Stadium. Due to the large number of personnel, alternative days were available for a long time during the two months.

For the two-hour program, you could choose fatbike cycling, eco-gun shooting, forest jumping, low ropes course, Frisbee golf or cross-country skiing lessons on a first-snow slope.

The staff gave very positive feedback about the employer's flexible arrangement.

—Many got to try sports that they would never otherwise know how to try. It was great to hear how nice and a little exciting it was to jump on a fatbike for the first time and notice how great an experience it was.

Info: Tips for a successful empty day

1. Something for everyone 

We are on many trains, and it can be difficult to find a common program that suits everyone. If not all members of the group can participate in the same activity, a shared time can be organized, for example, in connection with a meal. Remember that in addition to personal well-being, the aim of the day is to develop teamwork and community skills.

2. Ask a colleague  

Prefer activities that are detached from everyday life - ones that you don't have to do yourself day after day. Especially if you are running out of ideas, openly ask the members of your work community for tips. This way you get different ideas and you can build the day together from the very first meters.

3. Open up about your thoughts  

When you get a free day program from a service provider outside your own house, feel free to tell us your wishes. Program service houses can often customize their standard products to make the service package look your way.