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BLOG: From Hungary to the shooting range

Events live on from Talko people. Dora Migroczi, who moved from Hungary to Finland, is one of the enthusiasts of the Kontiolahti Biathlon Championships.

The music brought Dora Migrocz from Hungary via Helsinki to Joensuu in 2012. A four-week stay in the Joensuu city orchestra was one of many placements over the years. The road led back to Helsinki to study at the Sibelius Academy in January 2015. Finally, Dora moved to Joensuu in October of the same year.

The following winter, Dora began to follow biathlon more actively. However, the journey to becoming a competitive athlete had to wait until the 2017 World Cup.

After hearing about the world cup moving from Russia to Kontiolahti on a short schedule, Dora contacted the competition organization. Dora's friend had been to the 2015 World Championships as a member of Talko and told about his own great experiences.

Near peaks

Dora's task at the World Cup became the keyboard tasks of the shooting bench. The key is used to record athletes' performance during the race. Through this, the results are transferred to the results service.

Dora got to see the athletes and the competition events from a very close distance.

—The task is easy in itself but exciting, because no mistakes can be made. It was great to see the competitive performances of world leaders like Martin Fourcade and Kaisa Mäkäräinen right next to you.

Furthermore, during the games, Dora assisted the target group of the shooting range, i.e. renovated the shooting targets and prepared the cardboard targets for targeting.

From the bench to the competition office

After the first experience, Dora has been a constant face in the competition arrangements.

—The main task is still pressing, but helping out in the competition office has also been nice. In addition, there have been tasks in the departure area and in weapons inspection.

In connection with the interview, Dora was asked what is the best task she has had at the Games. Everything has been nice, but no single best thing came to mind.

The next day, Dora came to visit the stadium and had come up with the most relaxing thing to do.

—Bundling safety pins related to trip numbers. You don't have to think about anything, you can chat with the competition office team and at the same time bundle up your needles for the next race, Dora smiles.

Great memories of the games and the people from Talko

For Dora, watching young competitors in smaller competitions has been particularly memorable.

—It's great to see how important competing is for young people and small children. You never know who will become the new tops.

The Talkoo team also gets praise from Dora.

Even small biathlon competitions require around 70 people from Talkoo. It's easy to get involved, the tasks are not difficult and the people are friendly.

—The Talkooporukka is a big family with a good spirit. It's always nice to see familiar people from a long time at the games.

Are you interested in doing a World Cup event?

The hallmark of the World Cup events in Kontiolahti is the strong Talko spirit. Behind the events is the volunteer work of hundreds of people from Talkoo. The people of Talkoo are a vital part of the success of the competitions. People from Talkoo can be found in many different jobs, such as ticket sales, construction of the area, and, for example, on the shooting range.

If you are interested in doing an international sports event, see tips on our talkoo page and sign up.
Note! In January 2020, we will be holding a basic and refresher course for the supervisor. The normal price of the course is €225, but you can participate in the course free of charge when you come to the Biathlon World Cup event from 9-15 March 2020.