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Kontiolahti Outdoor is applying for the Sustainable Travel Finland label

Kontiolahti Outdoor, which offers outdoor recreation, exercise, meeting and event services in Northern Karelia, has started work to apply for the Sustainable Travel Finland label. The sign shows a commitment to the principles of sustainable tourism.

The Sustainable Travel Finland brand and program managed by Visit Finland are a tool for developing sustainable tourism business and communicating about it.

—Our role in services for travelers has grown and will continue to grow. The brand gives us a credible way to communicate our commitment to responsible activities. Not only for tourists, the mark verifies our values also for customers who purchase sports-focused work well-being services, says Kontiolahti Outdoor's CEO Kimmo Turunen.

Electricity contract renewed, Ekokompassi launched

Sustainable Travel Finland -applicants commit to the principles of sustainable operations, for example through fair cooperation, taking care of nature and favoring local services.

—The snow made for next winter has been made with PKS's climate-friendly electricity. We have also started work to build the Ekokompass environmental system. In this work, we map the environmental effects of our operations and create an environmental program aimed at continuous development, says Turunen.

The audit of Kontiolahti Outdoor's Ekokompassi system is planned for the second half of 2021. After this, it is possible to get the Sustainable Travel Finland label.

Funding for the Kotisalo nature reserve

As part of their responsibility work, Kontiolahti Outdoor and Kontiolahti Urheilijat were involved as financiers when the Natural Heritage Foundation bought about 12 hectares of forest land as a nature reserve.

The 65-kilometer Kinttupolut trail network, maintained by the municipality of Liperi and popular with mountain bikers, hikers and other outdoor enthusiasts, passes through the farm located in Liperi, North Karelia.

—The section located in the richly wooded Kotisalo nature reserve is the best part of the route for many people who walk Kinttupolu. Kontiolahti Outdoor and Kontiolahti Urheilijat wanted to be involved in securing experiential nature exercise and financed the purchase of the space in the spirit of our slogan "welcome to the outside".

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