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Jaama Winter cycling and running on consecutive days on the Kontionpolku winter routes.


Winter running and mountain biking: Jaama Winter will move from January to March 2023

The mountain biking and running event Jaama Winter will not take place as planned on the 8th-9th. January, but the event will be moved to the end of March in 2023.

Kontiolahti Outdoor's announcement 30 December 2021

The two-day Jaama Winter event, which combines mountain biking and running, planned for Jaamankanka, Kontionpolku's winter trails, will move from mid-January to the end of March 2023.

—A year ago, the event was organized for the first time, even then with exceptional arrangements. Now we thought it best not to organize the event, because the corona situation is sensitive right now, says the CEO of Kontiolahti Outdoor, which organizes the event, Kimmo Turunen.

Royals are named after two events   

Jaama Winter was supposed to start the competition for the 2022 kings and queens of Jaama. The plan was that the people who collect the most points in Jaama Winter or the June Jaama MTB and Jaama Run will be named king and queen.

—Now the points will be calculated based on the long series of Jaama Run and Jaama MTB, says Turunen.


  • Jaama Winter 8.-9.1.2022 (MTB + running): Moved to a new date 25.-26.3.2023
  • Jaama Run 11.6.2022:
    • 5, 10 or 20 km on Kontionpolu
    • Series: N/M general, N/M15
  • Jaama MTB 12.6.2022:
    • 24, 46 or 68 km on Kontionpolu.
    • Series: N/M general, N/M15
    • Together on the previous day, 11.6. Together with the Tour de Karelianpolut mountain biking event in Rääkkylä, Kitee and Tohmajärvi, Jaama MTB forms a cup-shaped weekend entity, where the total points are calculated for those who participated in both events. Those who collect the most points are rewarded.