Also tent and caravan sites

Cabin accommodation next to Koli National Park

Kiviniemi is the starting and ending point of the Herajärvi circuit, or the halfway point.

Scroll down and read about the summer 2023 services

Sauna for warmth!

You can order a sauna shift at Kiviniemi's yard sauna, for example, for your barn party!

Scroll down and read about the summer 2023 services

Kiviniemi is on the shore of Lake Herajärvi

From Koli you can get to Kiviniemi along the paths or the road.

A stone's throw from Kol

Accommodation around Herajärvi and in the heart of the countryside

As a hiker or organizer of a group program, you can find shed, tent and caravan accommodation, sauna services, equipment rental and guided activities in Kiviniemi, next to Koli National Park.

Kiviniemi is one of the starting and ending points of the popular Herajärvi tour hiking route, as well as a junction of hiking routes, where many outdoor enthusiasts replenish their water supplies and stay a night or more.

Kiviniemi's services were renewed during 2023. A new log main building was built in its place. The main building was completed at the turn of the year. With the new building, Kiviniemi also has water toilets, a shower and a room for meals.

You can find information about Kiviniemi's services, a map and contact information at the bottom of this page. We will update the summer 2024 services on the page shortly. You can view the reservation status of shed spaces and purchase services from our online store further down on this page. When you need a complete package for your group, please contact our customer service!

Contact information: Kiviniemi farm, Mustalahdentie 27, 81160 Kontiolahti, +358 50 563 3480,

Stayed in sheets

Kiviniemi offers shed accommodation as well as tent and caravan sites.

The party barn is coming

In the summer of 2024, you can celebrate birthdays and dance weddings in Kiviniemi's barn!

To the sauna, to the sauna

Sauna shifts in the wood-heated yard sauna for €30/hour, even for your own barn party.

In nature with a group

You can have a meeting or spend an idle day with dining and outdoor activities.

Kiviniemi's services in the summer of 2023 in a nutshell

Kiviniemi farm, Mustalahdentie 27, 81160 Kontiolahti, +358 50 563 3480,

Shed accommodation, for example, for travelers on the Herajärvi tour

Kiviniemi has six sheds for accommodation. Some of the sheds are "couple sheds" for 2 people, some are sheds for 1-4 people. The couple shed has a double bed, the other sheds have 2 x 2-person bunk beds each.

Check-in: from 15:00
Checkout: by 12:00

If capacity allows, earlier check-in or later check-out is possible. If necessary, ask about this possibility at 050-563 3480.

The price includes the use of clean sheets and a pillowcase. They are waiting to be accommodated, trimmed and ready to be petted.


  • Couple shed: €95/2 persons/night
  • Children under 4 free of charge, Baby cot free of charge
  • Shed for 1-4 people:
    • First person €60
    • Additional persons €25/person (max. 4 persons/shed). For example, 3 people in the same shed: €60 + €25 + €25 = €110.

Additional services

  • Towel €5
  • Extra bed for 2 people in a shed for under 12 years €20
  • Private sauna session 1 hour: €30/shed, ask separately for larger groups
  • Breakfast(self-employed in summer 2023): €10
    • Instant porridge
    • Muesli
    • Yogurt
    • Simennäkkäri/näkkäri/rice cake
    • Spread, cheese
    • Juice
    • Tea/instant coffee

Purchasing the service in summer 2023

Note! If you are making a "last minute" reservation for an upcoming night, please call +358 50 563 3480 prior to booking to ensure availability.

Free drinking water supply for hikers

Walkers on the Herajärvi tour or other hikers can fill their drinking containers free of charge at the water point in Kiviniemi's yard. The water point is located on the outer wall of the blue container next to the construction site.

Tent pitch €5/tent/night

You are welcome to camp on the grass field of the Kiviniemi yard district. The price of a tent pitch is €5/night, which covers the fee for using the dry toilet, the possibility of using firewood in the fireplace and the maintenance fee for the area. Payment via online store.

Caravan places €15 + €10 electricity / day

There are both electrified and non-electric caravan sites in Kiviniemi. The price includes the use fee for the area's dry toilet and the maintenance fee for the area. Reservations by phone +358 50 563 3480. Kiviniemi's yard has a drinking water tank for filling your own water containers, a fireplace and a dry toilet.

Self-service breakfast €10 / person

In the summer of 2023, you can buy a self-service breakfast (€10/person), which includes the following elements:

  • Instant porridge
  • Muesli
  • Yogurt
  • Simennäkkäri/näkkäri/rice cake
  • Spread, cheese
  • Juice
  • Tea/instant coffee

Bookings through the online store.

Reservation sauna in the courtyard €30/hour

You can book your shed group a turn in the wood-heated sauna from the online store for €30/hour/shed.

If you are looking for a sauna for another group, please contact or +358 50 563 3480.

There is room for about ten people at a time on the sauna's rafts.

The sauna is centrally located next to Kiviniemi's accommodation sheds and the party barn.

Dry toilet

There is a dry toilet near the yard of Kiviniemi. When the new main building is completed (autumn 2023), there will also be water toilets for the use of Kiviniemi's guests.

Coming in summer 2024: Party barn for a hundred people

The specialty of Kiviniemi is the old stone barn, which will serve as a party space from the summer season of 2024. You can organize dances or other celebrations in the barn. If you are looking for a special party place, contact 050 563 3480, and ask. When you visit Kiviniemi, you can take a look at the framework of the barn at the moment.

Outdoor fireplace and firewood for guests

There is an outdoor fireplace in the courtyard and firewood in the corner of the stone barn for guests to use.

Equipment rental

If you are interested in renting fatbike equipment in Kiviniemi, contact or 050-563 3480. Kiviniemi does not store bikes, only fatbikes will be brought to the location if necessary. That's why it's good to ensure the availability of equipment several days before the h-moment.

Yard games

After mid-July, you can find yard games according to the list below in Kiviniemi. The games are available free of charge.

  • Dart board + darts
  • Croquet
  • Frisbee golf basket and discs
  • Mölkky

No advance reservations.

Guided activities/program services

Kiviniemi is one office of Kontiolahti Outdoor, which produces program services. From summer 2023, you can book Kontiolahti Outdoor guided activities in Kiviniemi. Examples of Kontiolahti Outdoor's program services can be found here.

A place to shelter from the weather, for example, while baking

We have removed the lock on the door of the stone barn in the courtyard, so that hikers looking for shelter from the weather can dine under the roof and sheltered by the walls.

The starting point of the experiment is a practice familiar to deserters: everyone cleans up after themselves and leaves the place for the next guests, preferably in even neater condition than before.

We hope the barn stays clean.

If you notice, for example, that the furniture is broken, please let us know on 050 563 3480 or

Stayed in Kiviniemi and on the tour of Herajärvi

Shed, tent and caravan accommodation in Kiviniemi

You can buy shed accommodation or a tent pitch in the online store. If you want to reserve a caravan spot, contact us at 050-5633480.

Couple shed (2 persons)

€95 / 2 persons A two-person shed with a double bed. The price includes the rental of a heated shed and bedding (blanket,...
2 persons
1 Bedrooms
Book Couple shed (2 persons)

Normal shed, max 4 persons

€33.75-60.00 / person A shed for 1-4 people with two bunk beds. The price includes the rental of a heated shed and bedding (blanket,...
1-4 persons
Book Normal shed, max 4 persons

Tent site

5 eur/tent/night You are welcome to camp on the grass field of the Kiviniemi courtyard. The price of a tent pitch is €5/night,...
Book Tent site

Jaama RUN+MTB 10.–11.6.2023!

SAT 10.6., Trail running

  • distances: 5 km / 12 km / 24 km
  • Series: N/M general, N/M15

SU 11.6., MTB

  • distances:24 km / 46 km / 68 km
  • series:N/M general, N/M15, e-bike

Participate here!

Also free Mini-Jaama for children on both days. Registration on the spot.

Read more:

Equipment rental for groups and self-employed people

Rent a fatbike, a mountain bike for a kid or an electric SUV for a cousin! We also have rental equipment in the Joensuu region for cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, sliding snowshoeing, frisbee golf, pole walking and roller skiing!

The rental office is open on weekdays from 9 am to 3 pm, at other times by agreement and as a self-service rental.

Katso hinnasto!

Check out the Jaamaevents events!

What?: Running & cycling on Kontion trails, sport trials at the stadium.
For whom?: Exercisers, outdoorsmen, competitors, families.

  • Jaama Winter 25.–26.3.2023
    (MTB Sat 25.3. and Running Sun 26.3.)
  • Jaama Run 10.6.2023
  • Jaama MTB 11.6.2023

Why?: Because man was created to move.  
Check out! 

Tutustu tarkemmin!

"Rarely available" empty program

Are you interested in a meeting or tyky/tyhy package that includes meals, outdoor activities and activities to suit the wishes of the group? You can find these with us all year round! We can also offer "rarely offered" type of activities, starting with biathlon.

Ohjatut ryhmäaktiviteetit: tutustu tästä!

Welcome to the first snow trail!

Track maintenance: See track monitoring
Lighting: until 21:00
Dog skiing shifts
: Mon-Fri 20-21, Sat-Sun 18-21 

Dog skiing uses the stadium tracks, the stadium bypass track and the connecting track going in the direction of Kontioniemi up to Kontioniementie. Skiing without a dog is also allowed.

Equipment rental: Arch. 9–15, at other times by agreement and as a self-service rental.
Other: Bunkers/showers available.
Live Cam: Click here< br /> Read more: Ensilumenlatu map and other information  

Ensilumenlatu season ended on 13.12.

The cafe serves as follows:

  • On weekends from 10 am to 2 pm. Weekdays from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Kontiolahti Outdoor's equipment rental service is available via the online store and by separate arrangement Kimmo Turunen 050-5633480,

Read more: Ensilumenlatu map and other information  

A peek into the national landscape

The Herajärvi tour hiking route passing through Kiviniemi collects the best parts of Koli in a 30-61 km tour.