Roller skiing school

Roller skiing school

Min 4 persons

The package includes:
• 75 minutes of teaching
• Rental of roller skis, poles and a helmet for two hours, allowing you to continue training for another 45 minutes on your own after the guidance.
• Guided practice of the basics of shooting with gunpowder-free eco-weapons indoors

Minimum group size: 4 people.
Total duration 2 hours.
Price €35/person.
You can connect to the service e.g. the following other services:
• Restaurant and cafe services
• Eco gun shooting
• Getting to know biathlon

Choose the number of participants below (at least 4),if your group is bigger than this, contact us:

050-563 3480 | Kimmo Turunen or
050-375 6733| Mika Okkonen

€140.00 – €700.00

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Price: 157,82 €

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