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The Kiviniemi tourist farm has e.g. accommodation sheds, saunas, a lean-to and a party space built in an old barn, designed for about a hundred people. In the photo, Kontiolahti Outdoor's development manager Mika Okkonen (left) and CEO Kimmo Turunen. Photo: Niina Vatanen/Kontiolahti municipality.


Kiviniemi's tourism facility asks for ideas: What does a tourist, hiker or program service customer want?

The Kiviniemi tourist farm on the side of Koli National Park and in the northernmost village of Kontiolahti in Herajärvi is renewing its services. The online survey maps wishes about what the future of Kiviniemi's services could look like.

The operation of Kiviniemi tourist farm, located in the northern parts of Kontiolahti and next to Koli National Park, is being renewed.

Kontiolahti Outdoor, which will start as a tenant of the tourist space in April, uses an online survey to find out what wishes tourists, villagers and municipal residents, as well as companies interested in guided group activities or other program service providers in the area have regarding the space.

"The goal is that the farm offers services more versatile and year-round than before. We want to develop services based on demand and look for partners to produce new services", says Kontiolahti Outdoor CEO Kimmo Turunen.

Waiting for hundreds of answers

The online survey is open until March 15. Turunen hopes for hundreds of responses to the survey.

"Kiviniemi has great opportunities for events and activities close to nature. The farm is one of the starting and ending points of the Herajärvi tour. We expect that the interest in the future of Kiviniemi will be reflected in the number of responses."

Enthusiasm to answer is increased with a prize that is drawn among those who submit ideas.

"The prize is products from your own farm: a smoke sauna and overnight stay in a barn," says Turunen.

Next summer is already sold

Next summer's services are already booked. Turunen thanks the cooperation with the company that will continue as a tenant of the space until the end of March.

"Summer reservations have already been added to the calendar, and the cooperation has gone well. At the moment, we are able to sell shed accommodation and additional services related to it."


Answer the survey!

Respond to the Kiviniemi estate development survey on 15.3. by clicking the box below or this link.