Camp package in summer

Camp package in summer

Min 4 persons

Kontiolahti Outdoor in North Karelia, in the beautiful beach scenery of Höytiäinen, offers world-class conditions for skiing and biathlon training throughout the year. The Kontiolahti biathlon stadium is the only one in Finland that has an A license granted by the International Biathlon Union for organizing biathlon events.

When you are looking for a place for summer camping, you are welcome to get to know the surroundings of the Kontiolahti Biathlon Stadium. For more information and offers, you can call or send an email:
Kimmo Turunen
050 563 3480


Facts for summer training May-October:

  • Inline skating track 4 km (difference in height 36 m, maximum rise 31 m), the asphalt of the track was renewed in 2019. The versatile profile allows you to practice very different techniques.
  • The stadium is 120 m above sea level. Tracks and roller skiing track 89-129 m above sea level.
  • The stadium is located in the middle of the Kontionpolut route, more than 35 km of trail network for running, hiking and cycling. Along the trail network, you can still reach about 60 km to the Jaama Trail and
  • Along the Koli trail to the hilly landscapes of Koli National Park.
  • 30-place shooting range (Kurvinen)
  • Gym
  • 21 ski lubrication and changing room spaces
  • Different options for accommodation (link to services page)
  • Restaurant and cafeteria services at the stadium

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