Commercial & holiday accommodation

The distance to the Kontiolahti Biathlon Stadium is given in kilometres. 

Karelia Bed, 1 km

Accommodation in 4–6-person rooms:
120 € 4-person room (30 €/pers/day)
180 € 6-person room (30 €/pers/day)
130 beds
Breakfast on request. A 10-minute walk from the stadium.
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Hotel Julie, 13 km

Rooms for 1-4 people in Lehmonharju in Kontiolahti, 5 km from the center of Joensuu.
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Scandic Joensuu, 15 km

A hotel situated in the center of Joensuu.
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Apartamentos Joensuu, about 15 km

Furnished apartments in the center of Joensuu.
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Hotelli Kaltimonkoski, 24 km

A hotel situated in the center of Eno.
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Lomakeskus Huhmari, 28 km

Accommodation in holiday apartments for 2-8 people. Restaurant services with A-licenses.
From 63 €/person/day/double room including breakfast and spa.
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Hotelli Niittyranta, 30 km

A hotel & restaurant situated by Pyhäselkä, next to Joensuu.
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Koli Freetime, 40 km

Rooms, apartments and holiday houses.
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Koli, 55 km

A year-round holiday resort. Over 2000 beds in the hotel and holiday accommodation options.
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Herranniemi Guesthouse, 65 km

Rooms, apartments and holiday houses. In total, 32 beds. Prices start from 58 €/night.
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Majatalo Juuka, 72 km

Room accommodation in the center of Juuka.
Rooms: 3 x 2-person room, 1 x 3-person room (5) and 1 x 4-person room (5) and Hotel Rooms 4 x 2 double and 1 x 4 double.
Varaukset p. 050 351 7490,
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Karelia Cottages, 73 km

Five-star wellness villa in Villa Raita Rääkkylä for 6 people.
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Megrin matkailu, 84 km

Rooms (1-2-person room) ja apartments (3-6 bedrooms) in Ilomantsi. 96 beds.
Prices: 60 € per person/2-person room, 80 € per person/1-person room including breakfast.
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Möhkön Rajakartano, 95 km

Apartment hotel in Möhkö, Ilomantsi. 7 apartments: 11 x 2-person rooms (22 beds + 15 extra beds).
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Bomba, 117 km

Hotel & Spa and Karelian village in Nurmes.
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Hyvärilä – Youth and Holiday Centre, 118 km

Rooms and apartments in Nurmes, driving time 1 h 25 min from the biathlon stadium. 85 beds.
Prices from 85 € / double room / day and holiday apartments -20% with code “Biathlon”.
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More accommodation options can be found from: