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Prevent the spread of infections

Security check at the gate

The visitor must prepare for a security check at the gate, the purpose of which is to prevent the importation of prohibited objects and substances into the event area. The organizer has the right to check the backpack/bag to find out that the person is not in possession of prohibited objects or substances.

The supervisor has the duty to deny access to a person who, due to his intoxication, behavior or equipment, has reasonable grounds to suspect that he endangers order or safety.

The organizer has the right to remove from the event a person who

  • disturbed order or other persons when intoxicated,
  • disturbing order or endangering safety by acting threateningly, making noise or violence,
  • despite the notice, fails to comply with an order necessary to maintain order or security, or
  • stays in the event area without an admission ticket or a valid accreditation card.

Prohibited items and substances

  • Intoxicants
  • Firearms or similar firearms and accessories
  • Explosives or explosives
  • Blade - and impact weapons, including multitools
  • Fireworks, flares, smoke
  • Laser pens or other similar powerful light devices
  • Other objects or substances that can threaten another person's life or health or that can cause a danger to order or safety
  • Political, discriminatory or otherwise offensive posters or banners
  • Glass containers of all sizes, glass bottles, glasses and pitchers
  • Flag poles over 1.5 m high
  • Megaphones or other loud electronic sound devices
  • Pressure horns
  • Disposable grills
  • Aerosols
  • Drone
  • Umbrellas that are not collapsible
  • Items that take up space, such as e.g. bikes, skis or sleds
  • Objects designed for advertising use or things not approved by the organizer
  • Pets (does not apply to leashed dogs in the outdoor grandstand)

Also prohibited are

  • Advertising signs and banners
  • Umbrellas in the stands
  • Skis and other skiing equipment

It is allowed

  • Dogs in the track stand (connected and controlled by the owner).
  • Sticks or sleds (not for stands)
  • Baby strollers or prams (not for grandstands)
  • Backpacks that do not contain prohibited items or substances
  • Hiking snacks and non-alcoholic hiking drinks
  • Excursion chairs or other similar seats in the terrain

Consumption of alcohol

  • Consuming your own alcoholic beverages is prohibited (including bringing them)
  • Alcohol consumption is allowed in the audience tent and in the VIP restaurant that requires a separate ticket


  • Smoking is only allowed in smoking areas

Open fire flight

  • Open fire flying is only allowed in the places designated by the event organizer

Drone telegraphy

  • According to EU regulations, flying drones above crowds of people is prohibited.


The organizer of the event, Kontiolahti Urheilijat ry, is responsible for the safety of all participants in the event. The security arrangements for the event are based on the risk analysis and the plans made based on it to ensure safety.

Security plans have been made clear, e.g. for police and rescue authorities. There are about 700 people involved in the event, many of them from Talkoo, who help to ensure the safety of the event.

The event area gates open daily 2 hours before the start of the race and close 1 hour after the race ends.