Team Info will be updated here. Please follow the updated information on this site.

Please fill in the forms (Transportation Arrival, Transportation Departure, Rifles and ammunition, Wax Truck, VISA) in IBU Member Center (Team Logistics HUB). Only Radio Equipments has own online form by Traficom (link in the HUB).

Team Info

Team Info will be updated here.

COVID-19 Instructions
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IBU Event Guidelines Covid-19

IBU’S Event Guidelines COVID-19 and Annexes:



Links to national guidelines to the page, e.g. face masks, hand hygiene and safety instructions.

Finnish Institute for health and welfare:

Municipal authority of social and health services in North Karelia (Siun Sote):



The Accreditation Office is located in Sokos Hotel Kimmel, Itäranta 1, 80100 Joensuu. Car passes and parking cards will be handed out at the Accreditation Office.

Confirmation and missing data of membercenter profiles to be delivered digital (tool or Email). Only one person/team to collect accreditations.


Opening hours of Accreditation Office:

Fri 25.11.2022 12:00–19:00
Sat 26.11.2022 08:30–19:00
Sun 27.11.2022 09:00–18:00
Mon 28.11.2022 09:00–17:00
Tue 29.11.2022 09:00–13:00
Wed 30.11.2022 09:00–13:00
Thu 1.12.2022 09:00–13:00
Fri 2.12.2022 09:00–14:00
Sat 3.12.2022 09:00–13:15
Sun 4.12.2022 09:00–13:45


Contact information



  • Chief of Competition: 
    Kimmo Turunen
  • Assistant Chief of Competition:
    Tomi-Pekka Riihivuori
  • Competition Secretary:
    Jaana Pitkänen
  • Chief of Timing/Stadium:
    Markku Kanko
  • Chief of Course:
    Mika Kaljunen
  • Chief of Range:
    Tarmo Napari


Team Area Office/Wax Cabins (+358 46 880 6670)



  • Chief of Logistics: 
    Sami Leinonen
  • Chief of Transport: 
    Vesa Vipuveräjä
  • Chief of Accreditation: 
    Tuija Lautamatti
  • Chief of Accommodation: 
    Johanna Kellokumpu
IBU Technical Officials
  • IBU Race Director: 
    Borut Nunar
  • IBU Technical Delegate: 
    Matej Kordez, SLO
  • Referee Material:
    Janis Berzins, LAT
  • Referee Shooting Range:
    Tommy Höglund, SWE
  • Referee Start/Finish: 
    Knut Aas, NOR
  • Referee Course: 
    Radovan Simocko, SVK
Competition Program

Tue 29.11.2022

  • 14:15 Individual, Men 20 km


Wed 30.11.2022

  • 14:15 Individual, Women 15 km


Thu 1.12.2022 

  • 12:00 Relay, Men 4 x 7,5 km

  • 14:35 Relay, Women 4 x 6 km


Sat 3.12.2022

  • 11:45 Sprint, Men 10 km

  • 14:45 Sprint, Women 7,5 km


Sun 4.12.2022

  • 13:15 Pursuit, Men 12,5 km 

  • 15:15 Pursuit, Women 10 km


Stadium map

Stadium map


Start and Finish 

Competition Office

The Competition Office is located in the Main Building at the Stadium. Entrance from the stadium side.

+358 46 635 1728


Opening hours will be updated here.


Prize money

Please make the Transportation orders outside the Transportation Schedule here.



Transportation Schedule

Transportation Schedule will be updated here.


Welcome safely to Kontiolahti!