Team transportation

Team Transportation

Transportation schedules will be distributed separately. The Transportation Office is located at the Team Service Area.



  • 4.3.2022
    • Early Check-in on Sunday 6th March at 6–10 pm information updated
    • Tranportation schedule changes for Saturday 5th March and Sunday 6th Marchplease find the schedule here
    • Transportation Schedule to the Charters on Monday 7th March, information added
  • 2.3.2022
    • Tranportation schedule changes for Thursday and Friday, please find the schedule here
  • 28.2.2022
    • Tranportation schedule added, please find the schedule here (NB! Thursday and Friday changes here)


Transportation Schedule

NB! Tranportation schedule changes for Thursday and Friday, please find the schedule here.

Please find the transportation schedule here.


Bus stops

  • Kimmel

    • In front of Hotel Kimmel from the hotel courtyard

  • Lietsu

    • Siltakatu, next to the bridge 

  • Greenstar

    • Rantakatu, in front of City hall 

  • Linnunlahti Camping

    • From the Linnunlahti courtyard



Early Check-in to the IBU Charter Flights

There will be the Early Check-in for the IBU Charter flights on Sunday 6th at 6–10 pm.

Early Check-in will make the Charter flight departure smoother.


Check in process:

  • Check in will open on Sunday 6th March at 1800 (Local time)  
  • Team leaders will present all passports of their team / check in all luggage & equipment and will be issued with boarding passes (only passengers with valid COVID documents/ negative test result should pre check baggage)
  • Team leaders need to stay at the airport until representatives of airport will give a permission to leave
  • Check in will open 2 hours prior to each departure for any teams not able to check in on Sunday (please try to keep numbers to a minimum, check in will close 75 minutes prior to departure)
  • Pre checked in passengers arrive at the airport 75 minutes before departure and proceed straight to security
  • COVID document check will be completed prior to security
  • Boarding will commence as soon as the aircraft & crew are ready
  • All luggage & equipment have to include name of passenger
  • Please, load rifles and ammunition according airline´s instructions:


Transportation to check in on Sunday 6th March

Teams in charter 1

  • at 18:30 Original Sokos Hotel Kimmel
    • Bulgaria, Italy, Slovakia
  • at 18:30 Finhostel
    • Norway
  • at 18:30 Lietsu
    • Kazakhstan

Teams in charter 2

  • at 19:30 Original Sokos Hotel Kimmel
    • Canada
  • at 19:30 Motel Kontio
    • Czech Republic
  • at 19:30 Hotel Greenstar
    • Japan, Latvia, Poland
  • at 19:30 Linnunlahti Camping
    • Finland, Slovenia
  • at 19:45 Lietsu
    • USA

Teams in charter 3

  • at 20:30 Original Sokos Hotel Kimmel
    • Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden




To the Charter 1 (8:30 am)

  • if you need to check-in with the luggage
    • 6:10 am from Hotel Kimmel, Lietsu, Finnhostel
  • if you have only hand luggage
    • 7:00 am from Hotel Kimmel, Lietsu, Finnhostel


To the Charter 2 (10:00 am)

  • if you need to check-in with the luggage
    • 7:30 am from Motel Kontio
    • 7:30 am from Hotel Lietsu, Greenstar
    • 7:30 am from Linnunlahti Camping
    • 7:40 am from Hotel Kimmel
  • if you have only hand luggage
    • 8:20 am from Hotel Kimmel, Lietsu, Greenstar
    • 8:20 am from Linnunlahti Camping


To the Charter 3 (12:30 am)

  • if you need to check-in with the luggage
    • 10:10 am from Hotel Kimmel 
  • if you have only hand luggage
    • 11:00 am from Hotel Kimmel 



+358 44 926 0676


  1. Requests for extra transportation can be made in here.
  2. by using the “Request for Transportation” form in the Transportation Office.


These transport orders must be placed at latest the day before the transport will be needed. Multiple languages are supported for your convenience.