Membership matters

Becoming a member

The Kontiolahti Sportsmen's Association switched to using the myClub service at the beginning of 2016. In the future, the club's membership matters will be handled through myClub. As a member, you get access to myClub, which you can use to conveniently maintain your own contact information, and you will receive Member newsletters automatically on your own member page. From your own member page, you can also easily register for the club's open events and monitor your own training activity.

You can register for the Kontiolahti Athletes myClub page here< /strong>.

  • Click on "Register as a new member" on the right side of the page.
  • Fill in the information requested by the form. Registration is free of charge.
  • MyClub also acts as KontU's member register, read the register description prepared by the club here .

Note! Under "username" enter the username of your choice; in the future, this will serve as a password with which you can log into MyClub and edit your information. In the "password" field, write a password of your choice, and keep it safe. You always need a password when logging into myClub.

If you have any questions about myClub, you can contact KontU's office:

Membership fees in 2023

If you are about to become a member, remember to register in myclub. Otherwise, your information will not be in our member register and member messages will not reach you. If you have paid the membership fee yourself to KontU's account, please send an email to and we will register your payment as having arrived.

Note! KontU's membership fee account is FI67 5165 0720 0625 79. Enter the name of the member whose payment is in question in the text field; if it is a family membership, add the names of all family members.



Under 18, over 65 and other adults in the family


Family Membership
(persons living in the same household)


Perpetual member


Perpetual member (over 65)


Fees for shooting sports, year 2022

SAL fee* (season fee)


*paid annually in addition to the membership fee


At the beginning of 2019, the joining fees for shooting sports have been removed.

Membership benefits

Membership benefits valid from 1 January to 31 December 2020

  • free access to competitions organized by KontU, incl. world cup competitions and other value competitions, for which membership benefits are considered separately
  • community benefits in creams, stakes, accessories and equipment
  • discount on club fees
  • Kelloliike Ilmakanga products -20% discount
  • Membership prices in Joensuu Telemaailma
  • Membership prices in Karelian Pulti
  • Kontiolahti Outdoor/Cooled track, season tickets for fall 2021 according to the lowest price tier. Adults 199 e and sale category (retirement, student and 9-17 years old) 140 e.
  • At the fitness classes organized by KontU, members of the club receive fitness classes according to the annual discount. The information is on the Kuntorasti page.

For member matters, contact the office:

Party clothes

The Kontiolahti Sportsmen's Association has a cooperation agreement with Swix for club wear. The price lists and other information about purchasing the outfits will be updated on the pages later.

Reimbursement of competition expenses for members

The club pays the members' competition expenses as follows (in force from 1 November 2016, changes possible):

  • participation fees for domestic competitions, incl. the club's own competitions
  • accommodation allowances:
    • at value competitions, accommodation is primarily in group accommodation reserved by the club, which the club pays for the competitors (for necessary accommodation nights, additional nights at own expense)
    • meals are at your own expense, as it has been until now. Meals are paid for on the spot, the club will not invoice them afterwards
    • if the club offers shared accommodation, but the athlete decides to stay elsewhere, the club will not contribute to accommodation costs*
    • if group accommodation is not booked due to the small number of participants, the club will reimburse €30/night/athlete for self-selected accommodation against a receipt
  • mileage allowances will not be paid in the coming season

*representative athletes can also choose accommodation other than that provided by the club, in which case the compensation is max. €30/night/athlete

Reimbursements for members for training, meetings and similar expenses

If a member participates in training approved by the club (e.g. coach training, referee training), the club will pay reasonable participation and travel costs.

Meetings that can be replaced are e.g. union meetings, club consultation days and other similar occasions.

Participation in trainings and meetings and reimbursement of expenses must be agreed in advance with the club, otherwise the club is not liable for compensation.

You can download the travel invoice form here. (word)

Please remember to fill in all the required information. The entire personal identification number is mandatory information, from 1.11.2016 we will not pay travel invoices if the hetu or any other required information is missing. If you use another travel invoice template, please make sure that all the necessary information is still filled in.

If you fill out the travel invoice on a computer and you don't have the option to scan, you can leave the signature blank. Otherwise, we will also try to sign the travel invoices.

KontU rules

KontU rules (pdf)

Register statement of the member register

Member register rekisterseloste