Biathlon and skiing

Biathlon and skiing: the best in Finland

Kontiolahti and the Kontiolahti Athletes have excellent conditions, said to be the best in Finland, for biathlon and skiing:

  • A roller skating track and a shooting range at the biathlon stadium.
  • Snow conditions from October. Thanks to the first snow pistes, which on average extend the ski season by about three months, you don't have to travel far to follow the snow.
  • Comprehensive club equipment available.
  • The threshold for trying and starting a hobby is low.
  • Our strength is good coaching. Several trained coaches are involved in club activities under the leadership of head coach Ahti Toivanen. Ahti has also been nominated by Joensuu Sports Academy and the Finnish Amphitheater Association for young Olympic coach.

Functional cornerstones

  • Shooting is a respected, followed and popular sport, the most followed winter sport in Central Europe.
  • Low threshold to try. Archery and skiing schools, sport demonstrations in school physical education classes, trying out shooting with eco-guns... We make it easy to try out and get to know the sport. See tips for trying sports and starting the hobby.
  • Quality for the track. In order for the activity to be interesting and tempting to continue, it must be rewarding and of high quality. The activities are supervised by nine trained coaches, whose activities are supervised by the club's head coach. Cooperation with the Finnish Biathlon Union and Joensuu Sports Academy plays an important role.

More information

  • Read Kontiolahten Urheilijat ry's seasonal publication.
  • Anything to ask, discuss or perhaps ideas?
    Feel free to contact the chairman of the division Kimmo Turuseen (tel. +358 50 563 3480,
How to start biathlon?

How can I get involved in training activities?

You can easily join training groups for children and young people with a short classification.

The opportunity to start biathlon opens up at the Snap biathlon camps organized by the Kontiolahti Athletes. The camp is organized in June-July at Kontiolahti Biathlon Stadium. The dates of the camp will be updated on the pages from the beginning of summer.

The snap shooting ski camp is therefore a necessary measure before coming to group training. This is how we ensure the smoothness of the exercises, when the basics have been sorted out.

However, if neither of the above methods is successful, contact the head coach directly, and we will take care of things! Contact information can be found here.