The spring-winter competitions are waiting!

Kontiolahti Urheilijat will organize the following big events in the winter of 2024, for which we will again need around 70-80 people from Talka every day to organize the competitions.

Biathlon Masters 11.-17.3.2024
- Thu 14.3. Quick race 12 o'clock alignment, 1 o'clock starts
- Fri 15.3. Joint start at 9 o'clock alignment, 10 o'clock starts
- Sun 16.3. Normal competition 9 o'clock alignment, 10 o'clock starts
- 10-20 people are needed on training days (shooting bench, stadium, tracks)

Biathlon Championship competitions 30.3.-1.4.2024 (general + junior series)
- daily alignments at 9 a.m. and starts from 10 a.m.
- a more detailed schedule will be published later

Furthermore, there are two events in February, where the number of people from Talkola is 20-30 people.
- County message Sun 24 February 2024
- Hippo skiing Sun 25.2.2024

Click the link below and sign up:

Talkoolais recruitment form/Winter 2024

Inquiries about volunteer matters:

Jarno Lautamatti
p. 043 2180573

Public services
  • We make sure that the audience has a good time with our side program and guidance.
  • Tasks include information operations, order control, ticket sales, restaurant services and product sales.
Competitive technical tasks
  • The activity is focused on serving athletes and their maintenance teams.
  • Mostly outdoor tasks. Duties include, among other things, making sure that the race course is in good condition and correctly marked, that the shooting targets are working and that the start and finish areas are built and fenced.
  • Tasks are more physical than in public services.

In smaller competitions (e.g. national competitions) the custodian duties are almost entirely competition-related.

  • Think about what kind of tasks interest you the most? Do you have any skills that you would like to use in your tasks?
  • Many people may think that "could I do anything". Such concern is pointless. The fact that you can, for example, cook, build, carry, decorate or decorate, fold tablecloths, do physical work, draw... All are valuable skills, which will certainly help when organizing an event. So everyone can feel free to sign up, even if they don't speak ten languages and know how to maintain biathlon boards.
  • All tasks are introduced, and no one is left alone.
  • Dora Migroczi, who moved from Hungary to Finland, is one of our enthusiastic trustees. See Dora's story here.