The Kontiolahti Biathlon Stadium is located 15 km north of Joensuu in the wonderful beach scenery of Höytiäinen. Over the years, the stadium has served as the venue for numerous international biathlon and cross-country competitions. In addition, the stadium serves as an exercise venue for the citizens.

Space reservations and inquiries related to organizing events through Kontiolahti Outdoor. You can find more information about the facilities here.


  • A valid International Biathlon Union (IBU) A license
  • The competition framework is ready
    • Stadium area
    • Shooting bench with 33 illuminated board devices, 1000 lux, renewed in 2011
    • Race tracks
    • Fixed and air-conditioned lubrication facilities and changing room facilities (21 pcs) + temporary lubrication facilities in larger events with easy access to the start and finish area.
  • Other ready spaces
    • Main building 500 m²
    • Press center 300 m²
    • TV production area 3000 m² (major competitions), includes TV center 200 m²
    • Parking areas for the public in the immediate vicinity of the stadium
    • Other parking areas, mainly near the stadium area


The biathlon center can be accessed either from Kajaanintie via the Lehmo exit or from the Uuro exit/Kontiolahti station intersection. When driving from the direction of the city of Joensuu, the Lehmo exit is the closest exit. There are signs to the biathlon center from Kajaanintie.

Note! All map services (e.g. Google Maps) do not recognize the new road section built in 2014-2015, leaving the Lehmo interchange. The signs on Kajaanintie will help you get there.

Stadium map




You can follow the renovation status of all tracks in the Kontiolahti and Joensuu area via the following link:

The length of the first snow slope, which opens in October, is 1.5 kilometers. In autumn, the length of the trail with additional tracks is 3-4 km before the start of the natural snow season. You can find detailed information about the tracks on Kontiolahti Outdoor's pages.